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You are not sure if you need Mobile Apps.

Smart Phones or Mobiles are now number one means of communications. People spend more time with their Mobile than talking to Friends, Family or Relatives. Many people check their mobiles the minute they wake up to check up on WhatsApp messages, Facebook post etc.

Mobile apps will be an integral part of all businesses in near future irrespective of size or industry.

Here are some reasons why you should have a Mobile App for your Organization.


With ever increasing competition, it is vital for you to promote your products and services to retain your existing client base, or to get new clients.

Mobile App is a Great Promotional Tool to act as one stop shop for accessing information of your products and services, your latest promotions, providing a better customer service at all times.

Mobile Apps can allow you to create a Brand Identity with proper design and development.

Today’s most mobile users access internet on their Smartphone’s, tablets, phablets, and other mobile devices. With new trends of mobile banking, and payments of most services through Mobile Makes it important as Most Marketing Tool for your organization.

With advent of social media, it becomes more imperative for organization to be visible on all channels of communications with customers.

Therefore, developing and promoting mobile apps can be very beneficial for your organization.

Sending promotions at regular interval to App Customers, allows you to keep existing customers and create a new customer base. The App customers can promote your business to their friends, relatives and colleagues by sharing or likes on popular social media sites.

Provide Better Customer Service

Mobile Apps allow you to directly interact with customers at all times.

This allows to get live feedback from customers. Provide One-On-One customer service handling both positive and negative feedback of products and services.

Mobile Apps provide easy way to collect valuable customer likes and dislikes, They also provide up to date information on improvements of your offerings over a period of time.

It is cheaper than most marketing activities in long run.

Why not Mobiles Sites

You must have seen site where address starts with These are mobile friendly sites.

They are handy tools for people to find your company on mobile using Google. Then why you need Mobile App?

First, to access a mobile site, you need to fire up your browser on mobile, then type in the URL of a company web site, which will redirect you to a company web page. Once site is found, it takes a while for page to load depending images and content of a page. In Contrast, you just need to single tap on App icon to fire up your Mobile App.

Second, App’s are faster, quicker and dynamic than mobile sites.

There is still time

If you build your App and promote now, you will be just in time. In few years Everybody will have their own app, meaning you will not be able to separate yourself from the crowd.

Website, Flyers, Broachers everyone has, but all have an APP as yet.

APP create customer loyalty

Once customer downloads your app, how you will increase your loyalty? By sending PUSH notifications, you provide customers with new promotions without customer even logging on to your app. This provides customer to participate in saving schemes. Links to Live Facebook, Google+ and twitter accounts allow customer to interact and view your page updates, likes and discussions.

Additional Sales Channel

You can present New Product Launch through App. Allow to get direct feedback from customers. Sell products directly from App. Restaurants can allow place patrons to place online orders, Book tables, View new/current offers, provide vivid pictures of dishes being offered at restaurant. Hotels can offer bookings , provide reminders to guest about bookings, provide offers available at restaurants, remind of activities taking place in Hotels during current / upcoming seasons. Retails can link App to iBecon to provide location specific offers in department store.

Simple and Beautiful

Compared to media Advertisements and other direct sales channels, mobile apps are cheaper to build and are more effective. You can modify app content any time. Your customers see most upto-date info of your Offerings.

Making Money with your App

Think mobile app development cost lot of money? Think again. RedHat Tech can help you create mobile apps in various platforms of choice with our various entry level packs. Monetizing App means generating revenue from your mobile app using in-app advertising and in-app purchases. Monetization can be in form of affiliate program, electronic commerce, premium content, advertising or any other form of revenue generation.

Monetizing apps, promotes your app thru different channels of promotions and increases visibility in search engines.

In Conclusion,

Mobile Apps is a must for businesses or individuals who want to increase their visibility in their own market space, allowing to interact with customers in a more personalized way allowing owners of mobile app to increase customer loyalty and retentions for longer period.

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