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The “HOSPICARE ERP” is a fully integrated, single-solution information system created and implemented by TSL. As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system built exclusively for healthcare and based on a multi-tiered network design concept that has become the new standard for computer solutions, “HOSPICARE ERP” allows for scalability, the central management of business rules and reduced maintenance and overheads.

It aids hospital administrators by significantly improving operational control and streamlining operations, offering comprehensive solutions of major functional and other areas of hospital management.

“HOSPICARE ERP” addresses the administrative, clinical and financial needs of hospitals. The primary function of the package is to provide Management Information System for the better management of the above functional aspects. “HOSPICARE-I” enables management to take strategic decisions efficiently, speedily.

“HOSPICARE ERP” also enables improved response to demands of patient care because it automates the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information.

“HOSPICARE ERP” also provides Cost effective, Accessible anywhere, easily customizable, available for all ranges of devices and ease of installation and maintenance.

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